NordTick 2020

Dato for siste oppdatering av artikkelen Oppdatert January 10, 2020

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to announce that the third NordTick conference will take place at Strand Hotel Fevik, Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th of May 2020.


NordTick is the largest conference on ticks and tick-borne diseases in the Nordic countries. The conference is held every other year and is a conference for biologists, veterinarians, clinicians and other researchers in the field. The conference is also open to other interested parties. NordTick aims to build and spread scientific knowledge and promote national and international research on ticks and tick-borne diseases. As with previous NordTick conferences, the three days will be a mix of up-to-date lectures, scientific presentations and networking.

Keynote speakers

Hein Sprong, from the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment.

“Ecology and epidemiology of tick-borne diseases in the Netherlands”

Cornelia Silaghi, Professor for Infectology, Friedrich-Loefller-Institut, Federal Research Institute of Animal Health, Greifswald Isle of Riems, Germany.

“Tick-borne zoonotic infections in Europe – present and future”

Atle Mysterud, Professor at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, at the University of Oslo, Norway.

“Tick biology, ecology and interplay with pathogenic microorganisms”

Klaus-Peter Hunfeld, Director of the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology & Infection Control, Northwest Medical Center, Medical Faculty, University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

“Laboratory diagnostics of tick-borne pathogens in humans”

Programme for NordTick (as per January 9th 2020)

About the venue

Strand Hotel Fevik is a nice seaside resort, located in Fevik between the towns of Grimstad and Arendal in Southern Norway. From Kjevik Airport (Kristiansand) it takes approximately 30 minutes to get there by car. It will be possible to book a place on a shuttle bus to and/or from the airport/hotel. Strand Hotel Fevik is one of the few remaining funkis hotels in Norway. Ever since 1937, Strand Hotel Fevik has emerged as an exotic sanctuary in the archipelago. The hotel has had a magical appeal to people from far and near, and several well-known names have visited the hotel and contributed to exciting stories. Author Roald Dahl was a regular guest for over 30 years, along with his Oscar-winning wife Patricia Neal.


The registration fee (including lunch and coffee breaks) is 4000 NOK. Young scientists and PhD candidates will get a discounted registration fee of 2000 NOK that includes lunch, coffee brakes AND a 3 course dinner Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Accommodation (single room including breakfast) is 895 NOK per night.

Do you want to attend NordTick 2020? Please register here.

The organizing committee encourages attendees to give a presentation of their latest research or a poster presentation (please specify the title of the presentation in the box “Short outline of planned contribution/presentation ” on the registration form when you register).

We hope to see you in Fevik May 5-7 2020!