About us

Dato for siste oppdatering av artikkelen Oppdatert August 3, 2017

The Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Tick-borne diseases was established in 2014. The service is responsible for increasing and spreading up to date knowledge about tick-borne diseases, for the benefit of the health care services, patients and the general population.
We are organized as a unit at Sørlandet Hospital in southern Norway, and currently have five employees. We work in close collaboration with researchers/clinicians in our reference groups and networks.

  • Norwegian Tick Centre Our main goal is to systemize and distribute up to date knowledge about the etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tick-borne diseases, to ensure spreading of knowledge and expertise on a national level.
  • We are not a treatment center, but offer advice and information to health care professionals, patients and the media. If you have any questions about tick-borne diseases you can send us an e-mail: flaatt@sshf.no , or call us on +47 380 73329.
  • We initiate, support, co-ordinate & participate in research programs.
  • We have established professional networks/reference groups and have initiated a European network on tick-borne diseases.
  • We offer courses, training programs, workshops and lectures for health care professionals.
  • Our website flattsenteret.no contains general information, best practice guidelines, activities, teaching material, brochures and information about research
  • We are funded from the Ministry of Health and Care Services and Sørlandet Hospital.